Volunteering for Ukraine

The ruZZian horde has started war against Ukraine in 2014, but at 5 a.m. on February 24th, 2022 they’ve crossed all the lines, launched a massive full scale attack and bombings of our peaceful country. I’ve evacuated my wife and kids to a safe place in Ukraine so I could volunteer to help alleviate the suffering of the civilian population and assist the Ukrainian Army that protect us from occupation and war crimes of the ruZZian perverted terrorists.

A simple quick start to do so was to use my car and deliver medical supplies, food and humanitarian aid from western regions that have been spared to places that have suffered under the first wave of attacks, such as Kyiv, Irpyn, Bucha, small towns in Chernihiv and Sumy regions helping people and reinforcingthe territorial units. Luckily the active approach of Ukrainians all around the country has been a facilitating factor and I’ve found plenty of goods to deliver straight away and was able to serve the demand as much as I could.

I’ve teamed up with Nikita, my wife’s cousin, we’ve delivered about 3-3,5 metric tons of goods and helped a lot of people. Special mention and gratitude goes out to NGO “Bukovynska Gromada” in Chernivtsi, because they sourced about 75% of meds and humanitarian aid that we delivered so far. I am thankful to all organizations and individuals have made a contribution including my active neighbors in Kyiv that keep cooking daily for our soldiers, deliver aid to Irpyn and Bucha.

Plus I am truly happy to have great supporters and art collectors that buy my paintings and donate money that I used to fuel my ride, and fix it after long hours and thousands of kilometers on the road. Soon we’ll be able to get a second car and multiply the help we provide!

Thank You!

Slava Ukraini!!!

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