“Imperfect Conscience”, oil painting on canvas, 100*110cm, 2017 - element of the Great Unmasking series by marlinski марлинский - a mask evolving through layers of vivid colors finished with bold outlines

“Imperfect Conscience”, oil on canvas, 100*110cm, 2017Read More →

“Imperfect Conscience”, oil painting on canvas, 100*110cm, 2017 - A brilliant red flow so bright and glowing, hot like lava cooled down and solidified all the traces of its movement – just enough for a new layer of marvelous, transparent blue to appear on the surface like the oceans on earth that after being vapor turned into a new liquid state. A yellow flow became the catalyst for the shapes and forms to appear, as well as, green hues. The underlying red reemerged, mixed with yellow and created a shape that in my imagination resembles a mask arising from the chaos, which is countered by the orderly definitions of the black line. This evolution gave rise to the “Imperfect Conscience”.